What are my options?

  • For students who are home not feeling well, awaiting a family member's COVID test, at a doctor's appointment, or on a family trip.

  • Students may stay home under our normal absence policy for up to three days. Please call the front desk and complete the absence form you will receive each day your child is out of school.

  • Students are responsible to make up work covered or assigned during his/her absence.

  • Assignments that are not made up will negatively affect the student’s grades.

  • Teachers are NOT obligated to have work prepared for the student beforehand as it interferes with teaching responsibilities and is often not possible due to the nature and content of the subject.

  • All make-up work will be assigned on the day the student returns from the absence.

  • For students who will miss school for more than three days due to an illness that’s being monitored, a planned absence, or a quarantine.

  • The THEO coordinator (Mrs. Myers) will contact the student’s parents to initiate the THEO process. Once placed in THEO, all further communication should be with your child’s regular classroom teacher.

  • Students enrolled in THEO will typically watch previously-recorded videos of lessons the grade-level teachers have produced, and ‘links’ to the live lessons will also be available.

  • THEO students return to in-person learning at PCK when possible, or when they are symptom-free and able to provide a doctor's note (if they were absent due to illness).

All content-related questions should be directed to the classroom teacher, not the THEO Coordinator, Mrs. Myers.

  • Designed for students opting to learn remotely on an on-going basis.

  • Students watch live-stream lessons from a grade-level teacher, and adhere to a normal daily schedule.

  • Students work with a REO teacher, not a classroom teacher, to clarify their assignments and answer questions. The REO teacher is their assigned teacher.

  • Students who opted for REO may return to in-person learning on Monday, October 19, or in August of 2021.

  • After Oct. 19, students who are not currently enrolled in REO will not be allowed to access REO.