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How Does REO Work?

PCK'S Remote Education Option is deisgned to allow students to learn completely remotely during the 2020-2021 school year.

PCK's Remote Education Option was designed to offer students an opportunity to learn from home during to 2020-2021 school year. Students will be provided with a schedule that allows them to Google Meet into live PCK classes. Students will complete classwork on Google Classroom and other online platforms.

Students can join the REO program at the beginning of the school year or after Fall break. Students can exit the REO program at Fall Break or at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

PCK's Remote option does not have the ability to offer all in-person classes. Students in grades K-6 will not have specials classes. There is also a limited offering of math classes. REO students will not have access to honors classes.

  • Students will be ready at the scheduled start time

  • Keep supplies organized and available

  • Maintain a quite work space and join meetings on mute

  • Attend class meetings with REO teacher

  • Direct all questions to REO teacher

  • Turn in work that is complete and neat

  • Use chat during the lessons responsibly and appropriately

REO is a technology-challenging option. Parents of students selecting REO need to be able to navigate technology and troubleshoot issues as they arise. REO teachers can help to a degree if the issue is on our end, but we are unable to provide tech support for device or connectivity issues at home. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

  • Students will be required to be streaming classes most of the day. You will need high-speed internet at your home for your child to be successful.

  • Students will need to have a computer with a camera, a printer, a scanner, and parent tech support.

  • Students are asked to scan (not take pictures) of work and upload it into Google Classroom or other platforms in a time sensitive matter.

  • Students will receive participation grades based on their cameras being on and actively engaging in the in-person teacher lesson.

  • Students may be asked to share their computer screen with teachers during tests or quizzes.

  • Students and parents are expected to be proactive in communication about tech issues.

  • Finally, we know there will be technology issues at home and at school. We ask that you please be patient with in-person and REO teachers as we work through these tech issues.

Please direct all of your questions to your REO teacher. We are happy to help! Click below to email us.

Kindergarten: Aundrea Waltz

1st-4th Grade: Meghan Henderson

5th-8th Grade: Breanna Warburton