Daily Schedules

Click on your child's grade-level on the left to see a normal REO daily schedule. Please check with your child's teacher for any changes from the normal day!

Google Meet Expectations

Students are asked to be on time to Google Meets. Please have your student turn their camera on and their mics off. We ask that students stay focused and engaged in class throughout the entire period. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for school and not be distracting to their REO peers. Students may be given time at the end of class to ask questions. The teacher may ask them to un-mute or use the chat bar for questions.

Google Classroom Introduction For Parents

Parents, here is a quick overview of all of the little tips and tricks in Google Classroom. Please watch this video to help understand the structure and features of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom TO-DO List

This is a quick and easy way for your student to see all of their upcoming, missing, and current assignments. This is the most reliable way to know what needs to be accomplished each day.