• For students who will miss school for more than three days due to an illness that’s being monitored, a planned absence, or a quarantine.

  • The THEO coordinator (Mrs. Myers) will contact the student’s parents to initiate the THEO process. Once placed in THEO, all further communication should be with your child’s regular classroom teacher.

  • Students enrolled in THEO will typically watch previously recorded videos of lessons the grade-level teachers have produced, and ‘links’ to the live lessons will also be available starting next week. THEO is designed to help students avoid falling behind while they are home for a short period of time. REMINDER: Students will not be enrolled in THEO for absences less than three days.

  • THEO students return to in-person learning at PCK when possible, or when they are symptom-free and able to provide a doctor's note (if they were absent due to illness).

All content-related questions should be directed to the Classroom Teacher, not the THEO Coordinator, Mrs. Myers.

You will have to watch this from your Student Email account.

To get set up with THEO, you will be contacted after 3 days of absences. Mrs. Meyers will contact you. Please do not reach out before the 3rd day of absences.

If you are already set up with THEO, please direct all future contact to your Classroom teacher!